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DeKalb Police Want to Work With Flock-Protected Communities to Improve Safety

Around 50 DeKalb neighborhoods are currently protected by Flock Safety.

The DeKalb County Police Department is working on an initiative that will help them keep their county safe.

This initiative relies on the help of private community members who have chosen Flock Safety to protect their neighborhoods. 

Story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The DeKalb County Police Department is hoping to add more private cameras to its crime-fighting toolkit.

The county commission is set to vote Tuesday on the agreement with Flock Safety, an Atlanta-based company that markets itself as a crime-solving tool for neighborhoods.

Communities can purchase one of Flock’s license plate readers for their area, using the device to log the license plate numbers of cars that pass by. They can read plates on cars going up to 75 mph, during both day and night and from up to 75 feet away, according to Flock’s website.

Under the agreement with DeKalb, police would get access to the license plate data for the communities that choose to connect with the department and take part in the partnership. Investigators would use the systems when they are looking to solve a crime in the area, officials said. It would come at no cost to the county.

About 50 neighborhoods in DeKalb have a Flock camera.

Interim DeKalb County police Chief Joseph “Jack” Lumpkin said the police department would only use the systems when it is looking to solve a specific crime in a certain area.“We’re not looking to search and determine where people are legitimately moving back and forth,” Lumpkin said.

Read the full story on the AJC.

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