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How an Evasive Park Burglar Was Caught Using Flock Safety Footage

A South Carolina park wanted to put an end to park crime.

By Janice Ng

The challenge: several car break-ins occurred at a park outside Charlotte, North Carolina

A South Carolina park outside the Charlotte, North Carolina area had a problem that park officials wanted to solve—park crime. Over the course of a month, someone had been breaking into cars in the parking lot, stealing credit cards and personal checks.

Police had received eye-witness accounts of an individual checking door handles on cars in the parking lot. But without concrete evidence to link with an identity, police were unable to pursue the eye-witness accounts.

Local police were involved in gathering evidence to catch the perpetrator. But because parks see low traffic, police departments have to make a decision when it comes to allocating resources within their jurisdiction.

The solution: license plate reading safety cameras that capture details 24/7

To solve and prevent park crime, South Carolina police knew they needed to focus their attention and resources on this park and the area surrounding it. To keep an eye on visitors coming and going without dispatching officers 24/7, the police department installed Flock Safety license plate reading cameras on a road outside the park.

They needed a tool that would multiply their attention on the area without sacrificing manpower in other important areas. The police department needed to be everywhere at the same time.

Flock Safety can capture and read footage of vehicles that pass by, both during the day and at night. From footage captured, users can search using criteria such as vehicle color, timeframe, object, and person.

For police departments, this means they are able to maximize their manpower in the field.

The results: police make two arrests with help from Flock Safety footage

The South Carolina police were seeing activity on the stolen credit cards and checks that pointed to a bank just outside their jurisdiction. Working with the bank and the area’s local police, South Carolina police reviewed footage captured by the bank’s cameras and located footage of a suspicious vehicle.

Using this footage, police were able to cross-reference the vehicle and its details with footage captured by their Flock Safety camera outside the park. Unsurprisingly, police found a match.

Working with police departments in other jurisdictions, the South Carolina police realized their park perpetrator was linked with several different incidents in other states.

With concrete evidence from both the Flock Safety and the bank camera, police located and arrested the park perpetrator together with a second assailant captured on their Flock camera.

Originally published: 2019-06-12 15:37:12