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Garrett Langley
CEO & Founder

Garrett LangleyGarrett Langley, Founder and CEO of Flock Safety, has a vision to eliminate non-violent crime while respecting privacy. Before starting Flock Safety in March of 2017, Garrett experienced property crime in his Atlanta neighborhood. With little evidence to help police track down the criminals and a dead-end case, he saw an opportunity to make a change.

After working with local police to understand how citizens can help prevent and solve crime, Garrett brought in co-founder Matt Feury and early employees Paige Todd and Bailey Quintrell to launch the company. Since March 2017, the company has exhibited double digit month over month growth. As a result, Flock Safety has raised over $20 million in venture capital from leading firms YCombinator, Matrix Partners, Founders Fund, and Initialized Capital. 

Headquartered in Atlanta with over 75 employees, Flock Safety brings neighborhoods, businesses, and police together to fight crime. As a result, over 600 cities and thousands of neighborhoods are safer as the company helps solve upwards of 5 crimes an hour. This includes a recent study in Cobb County, GA where police reported a 62% decrease in crime in working with Flock Safety.

Garrett’s passion to use technology to help everyday life didn’t start with Flock Safety. He is a technology entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in early stage companies across Banking, Automotive, Live Events, and Sports.

Prior to Flock Safety, Garrett helped launch Clutch (driveclutch.com), a monthly car subscription service that provides the perfect car for every day, and Experience (expapp.com), a mobile technology company focused on helping fans have fun at live events. Leading the engineering, design, product, data science, and customer support groups at Experience, Garrett led the sale of the company to Cox Enterprises for $200 million in 2014. 

Outside of work, Garrett works to inspire future engineers to create technology that can make a positive impact on society. Working with his alma mater, he serves as a Board Member for the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. He also sits on the Georgia Tech Athletic Association Alexander Tharpe Board that serves as the primary fundraising organization for student-athletes providing $22 million annually in philanthropy. 

He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Megan, his son, Sumner, and his dog, Olive.

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