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Increase Clearance Rates with the Only ALPR for City-Wide Coverage

Get actionable evidence. Deter crime.

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“Crime rates dropped 34% in Marietta, GA”


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Keeping Jurisdictions Across the Nation Safe

Jersey Village, TX

A camera on every street to create a virtual gate.

Jersey Village, Texas

Within one week, Flock Safety cameras notified officers of two vehicles on the NCIC Hot List.

During the seizure of one of the vehicles, a wanted murderer in the state of Louisiana was arrested. Both vehicles were returned to their owners.

Location: Houston, TX suburb

Flock Cameras: 50+

Residents: 8,000

Installation:  2 months from purchase

Cobb County, GA

34% reduction in calls for service in targeted hotspots.

—Cobb County, Georgia

Cameras within the county led to the arrest of a suspect who allegedly brutally attacked a woman.

Officers were able to locate and arrest the suspect using Flock cameras after weeks of the suspect being on-the-run.

Location: Atlanta, GA suburb

Flock Cameras: 70 &  growing
(30 police cameras and 40 private cameras)

Residents: 650,000

Installation:  2 months from purchase for first hotspot

Redlands, CA

Containing crime with custom hot tag alerts.

Redlands, California

A string of commercial burglaries across two towns led officers to create a custom hotlist alert for the suspected vehicle's tag.

Within three days, detectives received the notification and were able to pursue the suspect.

Location: San Bernardino, CA suburb

Flock Cameras: 14

Residents: 70,000

Installation:  Phased approach, ongoing


Detect More Crime. Instantly Search & Find Evidence.

Leverage the NCIC Hot List or create custom alerts for plates under your investigation. Detect crime in near real time, and easily search footage to access the evidence you need - with any internet-connected device.
Detect Crime
  • Connected to the NCIC Hot List & CJIS compliant

  • Hot plate alerts (includes privately owned cameras in your jurisdiction)

  • Create custom alerts for plates 
    under investigation in your jurisdiction

  • Filter notifications by reason codes (exclude sex offenders, include stolen tags, etc.)


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Access Evidence
  • Filter search by specific camera location

  • Capture vehicles regardless of plate type (paper, no plate, etc.)

  • Filter by Vehicle Fingerprint

    • Timeframe

    • Object (vehicle, bicycle, animal, person)

    • Vehicle characteristics

      • Plate (partial)

      • Plate type (in state, out of state, temporary tag)

      • Build & color

      • Resident status

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"Thank you for the access. This is a great system that you have. It has helped tremendously in identifying a possible suspect.”
Det. Luke Bennett
Los Angeles Police Department, California

“With Flock’s system, we were able to successfully solve an incident that in any other situation would have been a cold case.”

Det. N. Yimer
Dekalb County Police Department, Georgia
“This relatively inexpensive camera technology helps to solve and prevent crimes in our community.”
Lt. D. Strickland
LaGrange Police Department, Georgia

Flock Safety Consultant, Lt. Ben Mixon, talks about the value of Flock Safety


Install & Deploy Infrastructure-Free ALPRs Anywhere

Leverage the only scalable, city-wide automatic license plate reading system on the market. Flock Safety can use solar or DC power, can mount to a Flock-provided pole, utility pole, or speed trailer.
City intersection


City intersection 

Solar & existing pole

On-ramp to highway


On-ramp to highway

Direct Current (DC) & speed trailer

Entrance to neighborhood


Entrance to neighborhood

Solar & Flock 14 ft pole

High-foot traffic city street


High-foot traffic city street

Solar & existing pole

Miss nothing. Capture more accurate reads.

Other LPR technology can capture license plates. But what do they miss?
Missed information and false reads can literally be the difference between life and death.

Flock Safety built the only Vehicle Fingerprint™ technology that captures detail of the vehicle - type, color, license plate, state, interesting marks - and gives you the lead you need to solve the crime. Paper plate? No plate? No problem.



Camera Performance

Product images-400x450-06

15,000 unique cars per day

  • Under 40 seconds
  • Includes time, location, tag & vehicle image
  • Includes state-specific alerts based on image
  • Date & time
  • Camera location
  • Plate (state, partial, paper, & none)
  • Vehicle details (type & color)
  • Additional objects (bicycle, animal, person)

Camera Specifications

Product images-400x450-12
  • Dimensions: 8.75” x 5” x 3”
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • 14Ah Battery
  • 30W Solar Panel (14” x 21”)
  • 16GB local storage
  • ~2 weeks
  • Passive Infrared Motion Detection
  • Night Vision: 850nm Custom IR Array
  • Embedded Cellular LTE Connection
  • Service depends on area (AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile)

Designed & manufactured in the United States


Use the only ALPR camera system that's completely
wireless & designed for city-wide protection.


Flock Safety vs. Known ALPR Vendor

Early Morning (2:00AM-8:00AM)

  Flock Safety Known ALPR Vendor
Detected Vehicles 57 46
Misread Plates 0 4
Missed Vehicles/Plates 0 11
Vehicles/Plates Captured 
(Missing indexable info)
3 N/A
Accurate Reads 57 46 (~26%)

Late Evening (11:00PM-6:00AM)

  Flock Safety Known ALPR Vendor
Detected Vehicles 19 16
Misread Plates 0 0
Missed Vehicles/Plates 0 3
Vehicles/Plates Captured 
(Missing indexable info)
5 N/A
Accurate Reads 19 16 (~16%)

Multiply Your LPR Network with Privately-Funded LPRs

Partner with neighborhoods and small businesses to access privately funded LPRs. Multiply your camera network, at no additional cost.

City-Wide ALPRs, No Matter Your Size

Cobb County, GA (Atlanta suburb)
Small Jurisdiction:
70 LPRs & growing

  • 650,000 residents
  • 30 police cameras
  • 40 neighborhood cameras
  • 2 months from police deal to install
  • Southside hotspot focus

Flock Safety in Cobb County, GA

Unlimited Users. No Hidden Fees.

Don’t limit your access to features depending on the number of user seats you purchase. Flock Safety includes unlimited users, all the features, Hot Tag alerts, and more - it's always included in our transparent pricing.


Dedicated Customer Success Manager for added account management

Regular software updates at no additional cost

Unlimited users for hotlist integration and alerts, and camera footage search

Maintenance requests handled within 72 hours of request submission 

CALL NOW: 866-901-1781