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Frequently Asked Questions


87% of non-violent crime goes unsolved in the United States. It's not because police aren't doing their job, it's because they lack good evidence. So we set out to build a product that could actually help solve crime. And it became clear that the best way to do that was to provide better evidence to police. We built our cameras with Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR) capabilities. Because we hear time and again from law enforcement that a license plate is the best piece of evidence.

At Flock, we pride ourselves in our ability to help solve crime in neighborhoods. In the last few months, we have provided evidence in more than 10 investigations and have aided in the arrest of 2 criminals. While solving crime is our main objective, we ultimately want to prevent crime in the neighborhoods we protect. Together our cameras, which work to solve crime, and our signage, which help deter crime, can make your neighborhood a safer place.

Pricing is pretty straight-forward. For neighborhoods, on a two-year contract, it's $2,000 / camera / year. This includes everything - installation, maintenance, footage hosting, cellular service, and software updates.

Our police-grade camera system is $2,500 / camera / year with a one-time $250 installation cost. This includes - maintenance, footage hosting, cellular service, unlimited hotlist alerts, and software updates.

Footage is held temporarily on the camera for initial processing before being sent to the cloud. All footage from the cameras is stored in cloud, so you can securely access the cameras from any laptop or smartphone. It’s fast and easy to access footage when you need it. This also allows us to continue to improve the software and deploy enhancements out to our cameras in real-time.


Yes! Over 70% of crime occurs with a vehicle, so Flock Safety is able to capture vehicles traveling up to 75 MPH, day and night, and up to 75 ft away.

Footage is held temporarily on the camera for initial processing before being sent to the cloud. All footage from the cameras is stored in cloud, where you can securely access the cameras from any laptop or smartphone. It’s fast and easy to access footage when you need it. This also allows us to continue to improve the software and deploy enhancements out to our cameras in real-time.

Still images. Don't waste time combing through hours of footage with a traditional video camera. Flock Safety leverages advanced machine vision to turn video footage into high quality still frames so that you can quickly get to the moment the crime occurred and pass that over to the police to aid in their investigation.

Flock also has the ability to only record license plates of non-residents, reducing the concern of your neighbors feeling watched. If a neighbor's license plate is on the SafeList, any footage of their vehicle will be marked as "resident". The neighbor can even opt to have their vehicle removed from the footage in the interest of privacy.



Just about anywhere! Flock Safety leverages solar + battery for power, and cellular (LTE) for data communications, removing any upfront costs. Flock cameras only require a few hours of sunlight a day.

First and foremost, we always recommend covering the egress points. At a minimum, if there is an incident, you will then be able to see exactly which vehicles were in your neighborhood.

Then we prioritize the following in terms of Flock camera placement:

1. Solar Power - Our cameras require a few hours of direct sunlight each day to function.

2. Proximity - It’s important that our cameras are as close to the lane of traffic they are capturing as possible. We never recommend shooting across lanes of traffic as we run the risk of missing vehicles.

3. Incoming + Outgoing - Ideally, you would have a camera covering incoming traffic and another covering outgoing traffic. However, if you must choose one, we suggest covering incoming traffic. 

4. Discretion - We have purposely designed our cameras to be discreet and to fit into the landscape of your community as much as possible. We make every attempt to ensure that during installation, we place the cameras in a location that does not disrupt the aesthetics of the community.

Flock installs cameras in the best place for your neighborhood. At a minimum, we place them near the entrance(s) but encourage our customers to consider placing them strategically throughout your community for maximum effectiveness. 

All installations include an 8ft pole on which to mount the camera. 
A 14ft pole is available for a one-time charge of $250.

In 99% of cases, an onsite visit prior to installation is not required. We are able to utilize satellite imagery to help select the best location for your cameras.


We'll give you a heads up before our installers comes onsite. You're more than welcome to meet them, but it is not required! We finalize camera locations prior to their visit so that we can ensure we are well prepared for a successful installation.

The Flock Safety team confirms camera performance (i.e. camera is receiving plenty of sunlight, connecting to the cellular network, taking quality pictures, etc.). After this validation period completes, Flock begins your billing cycle and grants footage access to the designated parties.


All data is securely stored with AES256 encryption with our cloud provider, Amazon Web Services. On device, footage is only stored temporarily until it has been uploaded to the cloud at which point it is removed from the local device.

Access & Monitoring

Your neighborhood 100% owns the data. Flock will not share, sell, or access your data. Your neighborhood determines who has access to footage. Either an HOA board member, trusted neighbor, or every neighbor - it’s your call.

We have the ability to grant an individual access for a short period of time. So in the event of a crime, the neighborhood could grant the victim access to Flock footage for 24 hours.

Flock Safety does not monitor the footage of your cameras.
However, software is in place to measure the performance and quality of images which is used to preemptively diagnosis issues and schedule service calls.

We make it really easy and fast to pull the footage you need if a crime occurs.
Input the day and time window into our web portal.
If your neighborhood has opted into the SafeList feature, each image will even be marked as resident or non-resident.
  • You then share with law enforcement so they can investigate using one of the options below: 
  • You can download that footage and email it directly to the police officer
  • You can print out the footage and share it physically
  • You can let your account manager know that you would like to give the police access directly to the Flock system for a defined period of time.

Armed with the footage provided by Flock, the police can now continue their investigation with actionable evidence.


We designed our cameras to be discreet. Avoid the traditional eyesores of security cameras. Flock Safety was designed in the United States specifically for neighborhoods.



Flock will install and maintain the Flock camera in your neighborhood. Maintenance is 100% included in your cost and you will never receive a maintenance bill from Flock. If your camera is damaged or stolen, we will provide a replacement camera free of charge.

Additional Information

We get asked this question a lot so did the research for you! Take a look at the options to protect your neighborhood from gates to patrol services and figure out which is best for you.

Absolutely! We encourage you to review our Company Page to learn more about Flock Safety and why our team is so motivated to help eliminate crime in your neighborhood.